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Golf Brooks Music - P.O. Box 350028 - Grand Island, FL 32735
Here's what people are saying about my music!

Dear Golf,  Thanks for the new lyrics & chords!   What you do just fits my style!  My family & friends enjoy your songs!  We think you're terrific!
Again, many thanks!  I Gorman.


Dear Golf, I think senior moments is a work of genius and I never tire of listening to it. I write poetry in a similar style. But the way you sing it makes it even funnier. I am a big fan. Keep up the good work.
Best wishes   Wendy M

AGT Audition Notice Feedback!

That's great news, good luck with it all, I'll be keeping an eye out for you.
Break a leg as they say, but more importantly 
break a smile on their faces and get their votes.  I don't know if we can vote from Australia but you've got my vote either way.  Kevin

Wonderful!  The best of luck and I will definitely vote for you.
You are really terrific!  Love your work.  Merylene

Good Luck, you've got our votes!!!!!  Larry

Good luck mate.  Hope you don't have a Senior Moment during the audition.  Henk

Great news.  Wish you all the kinds of luck that there are.  Keep you head down and your eyes on the prize.......  Mickie

Hi Golf, Wishing you the best of luck mate with your audition in sunny FL.
I know you'll do well and have those judges peeing in their pants, tears rolling!  I hope it goes on YouTube so I can see it!  Meg

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